ACTA is an independent, non-profit organization committed to academic freedom, excellence, and accountability at America's colleges and universities.

ACTA is an independent, non-profit organization committed to academic freedom, excellence, and accountability at America's colleges and universities.

ACTA is an independent, non-profit organization committed to academic freedom, excellence, and accountability at America's colleges and universities.


ACTA's reports address key issues of higher education quality and effectiveness. They examine and analyze such topics as curricular standards and academic rigor, the academic freedom of faculty and students, cost-effectiveness and allocation of resources, responsible governance, and how attentive institutions are to the needs of their students.

Shining the Light

A Report Card on Georgia's System of Public Higher Education
March 2008 by Phyllis Palmiero |
This report card takes a close look at the University System of Georgia, focusing on four key areas of the public's interest. They are: what students are learning (the… Continue Reading >>

The Vanishing Shakespeare

April 2007 by ACTA |
ACTA probes the extent to which today's English majors are required to take courses on Shakespeare's work. While at one point such requirements were common, this report… Continue Reading >>

Why Accreditation Doesn’t Work and What Policymakers Can Do About It

January 2007 by ACTA |
This policy paper is intended as a primer for policymakers on lessons learned from decades of experience with the federal system of higher education accreditation. It streamlines,… Continue Reading >>

How Many Ward Churchills?

May 2006 by ACTA |
Ever since tenured ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill called victims of 9/11 "little Eichmanns," he has become the veritable poster boy for extremism in American academe.… Continue Reading >>

Intellectual Diversity

Time for Action
December 2005 by ACTA |
In 2005, a consortium of higher education organizations issued a statement affirming the importance of intellectual diversity. A survey by ACTA found, however, that not a… Continue Reading >>

Governance in the Public Interest

A Case Study of the University of North Carolina System
June 2005 by Phyllis Palmiero |
Lay governance is the means by which the perspective of informed citizens is brought to the heart of the university; it provides a vehicle for thoughtful long-range planning… Continue Reading >>

Politics in the Classroom

A Survey of Students at the Top 50 Colleges & Universities
October 2004 by ACTA by Connecticut Center for Survey Research & Analysis |
This survey commissioned by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, reveals the politicization of the classroom and the intellectual intolerance of faculty. 49% of the… Continue Reading >>

The Hollow Core

Failure of the General Education Curriculum
April 2004 by Barry L. Latzer |
Despite widespread lip service to the importance of a general education, a new survey by ACTA finds that a solid core curriculum in higher education has gone the way of the… Continue Reading >>

Degraded Currency

The Problem of Grade Inflation
October 2003 by George C. Leef |
The report finds grade inflation is a national epidemic, undermining high performance and hard work in colleges and universities across the country. The study calls on colleges… Continue Reading >>

Becoming an Educated Person

Toward a Core Curriculum for College Students
July 2003 by George C. Leef |
Many parents—as well as trustees and state officials—have asked ACTA to define a "core" curriculum and explain why it is important. ACTA responded to this need… Continue Reading >>

Restoring America’s Legacy

September 2002 by Anne D. Neal by Jerry L. Martin |
This eye-opening report reveals that despite growing public alarm about historical illiteracy and a Congressional Resolution calling for action, not a single one of America's… Continue Reading >>

Can College Accreditation Live Up to Its Promise?

July 2002 by George C. Leef by Roxana D. Burris |
This investigation finds the system of college accreditation has done more to raise costs than to improve or even maintain educational quality, and that it gives students,… Continue Reading >>

Educating Teachers

The Best Minds Speak Out
June 2002 by ACTA by George C. Leef |
This publication offers a collection of articles that explores the current state of teacher training in this country and suggests alternatives to the status quo. It is the… Continue Reading >>

Losing America’s Memory

Historical Illiteracy in the 21st Century
February 2000 by Anne D. Neal by Jerry L. Martin |
This stunning report reveals 81% of seniors from the top 55 U.S. colleges and universities failed a high school level history exam; even worse, that none of the institutions… Continue Reading >>

The Shakespeare File

What English Majors Are Really Studying
December 1996 by Jerry L. Martin |
This report reveals that Shakespeare is no longer a required course for English majors—the future English teachers of America—at two-thirds of the top 70 U.S.… Continue Reading >>
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