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Sarah Barron

Program Associate for Educator Outreach & Digital Strategies

Working closely with the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Program Officer for Educator Outreach, Sarah co-manages email communication initiatives to high school educators as well as ACTA’s WWTL webinar program. She also leads the development and management of ACTA’s portfolio of social media accounts, under the supervision of the Vice President of Communications & Development, to develop and implement an organization-wide social media content plan.

Sarah received her B.S. in Digital Media Innovation with a minor in Business Administration from Texas State University in 2019.  For her senior portfolio project, Sarah created a variety of digital media programs promoting civic education applying digital media graphics, video production, app and website design, and social media analytics. Sarah strengthened her digital graphic design skills following graduation through a visual storytelling class at the Austin Creative Department, a portfolio school in Austin Texas.  Before transferring into the Digital Media Innovation program, Sarah spent two years at Trinity University in San Antonio where she was a Trinity Distinguished Representative. Prior to joining ACTA, Sarah participated in the Cato Institute’s internship program where she worked as a Research Assistant in the Human Progress Department. This year Sarah is excited to be participating in the Koch Associate Program.  In her free time, Sarah enjoys researching her family’s history on, cooking, and looking for a dog to adopt.


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