ACTA is an independent, non-profit organization committed to academic freedom, excellence, and accountability at America's colleges and universities.

ACTA is an independent, non-profit organization committed to academic freedom, excellence, and accountability at America's colleges and universities.

ACTA is an independent, non-profit organization committed to academic freedom, excellence, and accountability at America's colleges and universities.


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Home Is Where the History Is

June 22, 2005 by ACTA |

Writing for the L.A. Times, David Gelernter argues that "only fools would rely on the schools" to teach their children history. An excerpt:

My son told me about a high school event that (at first) I...

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The Media as Academic Watchdog

June 20, 2005 by ACTA |

Two weeks ago, the Rocky Mountain News ran a four-part series on Ward Churchill, the University of Colorado ethnic studies professor whose academic integrity has come into question since his comment...

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Missouri Acts Fast

June 20, 2005 by ACTA |

Bryan Le Beau, the University of Missouri dean who delivered a 2003 commencement speech that contained passages plagiarized from Cornel West and Russell Baker, has been placed on administrative leave....

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Outing the Copycats

June 16, 2005 by ACTA |

It's well known that college students cheat with disturbing regularity--at most schools, about 75% of students admit to it. What's less well known is how often their professors engage in the same...

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When Minds Don’t Meet

June 13, 2005 by ACTA |

Cornell University alumnus and current president Jeffrey Lehman has stepped down after only two years on the job. His reasons are veiled, but apparently amount to an inability to agree with trustees...

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ACTA Releases Recommendations on UNC Governance

June 12, 2005 by ACTA |

The University of North Carolina presents interesting problems for governance. It has sixteen campuses, each with its own specific needs and its own trustees. And it is presently run by a Board of...

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ACTA Protests Political Screening of Teachers

June 9, 2005 by ACTA |

Yesterday, ACTA called on the U.S. Department of Education, governors, and institutions of higher education to disavow ideological litmus tests imposed on prospective teachers. Disturbed by the news...

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Liability, Professionalism, and Academic Freedom

June 8, 2005 by ACTA |

In the wake of Harvard president Lawrence Summers' costly remarks on sexual difference and University of Colorado ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill's potentially career-ending comment about the...

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Hate Studies 101

June 6, 2005 by ACTA |

One of the more pressing curricular issues in American higher education has to do with the place of those highly specialized, expressly politicized emergent fields known as "area studies." Women's...

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What’s Good for the Goose…

June 3, 2005 by ACTA |

The collegiate gender gap isn't what it used to be, reports. For the past ten years, the infamous gap has been gradually but decisively inverting itself: Where it was once the case...

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ACTA Defends Free Inquiry at Rhode Island College

June 1, 2005 by ACTA |

Rhode Island College's School of Social Work has expelled a student for refusing to conform to the school's openly partisan political agenda. The trouble began last fall, when Robert Felkner wrote an...

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On the Limits of Classroom Speech

May 30, 2005 by ACTA |

When is a joke a threat? Who decides how a remark was intended, or what reactions to a remark are reasonable? Where does academic freedom end and unprotected expression begin? All these questions are on...

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Political Litmus Tests in Oregon

May 29, 2005 by ACTA |

University of Oregon administrators were surprised by the response they received from faculty and from the media after they revealed a draft of their new "Five-Year Diversity Plan." According to a...

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Money Pits

May 25, 2005 by ACTA |

Ten years ago, seventeen American colleges and universities boasted endowments of one billion dollars or more. Today, there are forty-seven such schools, thanks to smart investing, active fundraising,...

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Ideology in the School of Education

May 23, 2005 by ACTA |

Last February, Le Moyne College made national news when it expelled Scott McConnell, a master's student in education, for writing a course essay in which he defended the use of corporal punishment in...

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