ACTA is an independent, non-profit organization committed to academic freedom, excellence, and accountability at America's colleges and universities.

ACTA is an independent, non-profit organization committed to academic freedom, excellence, and accountability at America's colleges and universities.

ACTA is an independent, non-profit organization committed to academic freedom, excellence, and accountability at America's colleges and universities.


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Americans Know the Value of a Liberal Education

February 19, 2014 by Colleen Wilhide |

A recent piece at Inside Higher Ed reports that… Continue Reading >>

Senators Embrace Higher Ed Reform Agenda

February 12, 2014 by Avi Snyder|

Higher ed reform has come to Washington. One year ago, President Obama began… Continue Reading >>

Real Accountability Requires a Level Playing Field

November 14, 2013 by ACTA|

No group is a stronger advocate of bringing accountability to higher education than ACTA. In her testimony before Congress last summer, ACTA president Anne Neal Continue Reading >>

Bad Law Contributes to Skewed College Rankings

November 5, 2013 by ACTA|

Within the community of college reformers, it is common to hear people disparage the U.S. News & World Report college rankings. ACTA has certainly Continue Reading >>

Higher Ed Act Reform Proposals Fall Short

August 6, 2013 by ACTA|

Not surprisingly, the Higher Education Act, up for renewal next year, is attracting a flood of appeals, recommendations and advice to legislators. At Continue Reading >>

New Funds and New Accountability for Public Higher Ed

July 18, 2013 by William Gonch|

What happens when you combine straining state budgets, families struggling to afford college, and trustees at cash-strapped public universities?

Actually, something good.

The Chronicle… Continue Reading >>

What’s Worse Than Suppressing Free Speech?

July 9, 2013 by ACTA|

Paying millions to suppress free speech.

But that’s what the federal government is demanding from the University of Montana. In order to improve its Title IX compliance, UMT will have to spend… Continue Reading >>

The Real Heart of the Matter

June 20, 2013 by ACTA|

“The humanities remind us where we have been and help us envision where we are going. Emphasizing critical perspective and imaginative response, the humanities—including the study of languages,… Continue Reading >>

Completion, Quality, Affordability Front and Center in the Hoosier State

December 4, 2012 by Armand B. Alacbay|

Indiana commissioner for higher education Teresa Lubbers has recently been meeting with educators statewide to stress the importance of promoting student success and college completion.  "More Hoosiers… Continue Reading >>

Putting Higher Education Budget Cuts in Perspective in the Granite State

October 18, 2012 by Tom Bako|

The U.S. currently spends more than twice the per student average on higher education of any industrialized nation, with far inferior results. Is more money the answer?

That's a debate going… Continue Reading >>

Illinois Trustees at the Center of Scandal

July 2, 2009 by Heather Lakemacher|

The Chicago Tribune has reported that trustees and administrators at… Continue Reading >>

Some Thoughts on Arne Duncan

December 23, 2008 by Anne D. Neal|

Arne Duncan's leadership in Chicago offers promise of an enlightened approach at the Department of Education—one that moves beyond interest group squabbling, turf and territory to putting students… Continue Reading >>

What Did It All Mean?

December 17, 2008 by David Azerrad|

ACTA, with the support of the Lumina Foundation, brought together yesterday a panel of experts to discuss the Higher Education Act and the future of higher ed. In her remarks, ACTA president Anne D. Neal… Continue Reading >>

Minnesota Jumpstarts Accountability

June 30, 2008 by Erin O’Connor|

Three cheers to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system for its newly launched "accountability dashboard,"… Continue Reading >>

A Good and Instructive Discussion

May 28, 2008 by Charles Mitchell|

Today, ACTA friend Jane Shaw of the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy comments on a recent conference… Continue Reading >>

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