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ACTA is committed to helping colleges and universities rise to the challenge of the pandemic.

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COVID-19 Resources

ACTA is committed to helping colleges and universities rise to the challenge of the pandemic.

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General Education   

What Will They Learn? 2020-2021

In this 12th edition of its flagship annual survey of college general education curricula, What Will They Learn?, ACTA shines a...


How Higher Education Leaders Should Respond To The Coronavirus Financial Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has imposed grave, urgent financial pressure on colleges and universities. Campuses had to move courses online in a matter of days, students and parents are demanding housing and meal plan refunds,...


“ACTA provides short, concise suggestions for trustees who can help administrations make real, beneficial change for the future of education.”

Douglas Faigin
Trustee, California State University

Be an Informed Board Member

Colleges and universities depend on informed and engaged trustees. ACTA’s tools and resources equip board members to be effective fiduciaries for America’s institutions of higher education. Be prepared for your next board meeting with ACTA’s trustee toolkit.

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Lessons on legacy giving from the Sherlock Hibbs endowment

After a six-month legal battle, the University of Missouri and Hillsdale College have ended a dispute with an anti-climactic resolution. The two institutions agreed to split a gift that Sherlock Hibbs gave to Mizzou...


“I appreciate the assistance of the Fund for Academic Renewal in structuring the gift and my agreement. The guidance will ensure that my objectives for the gift will be honored by the University for many years to come.”

Angelo Pizzagalli
Founder of the Pizzagalli Chair of Free Enterprise at University of Vermont


Accreditation on the Edge: A Panel Discussion on America’s Broken Accreditation System

Recently, ACTA hosted a panel discussion on Capitol Hill to discuss the future of higher education accreditation with a group of experts from a range of different perspectives. The event was loosely based on...


"ACTA’s resources are very informative for my staff as we work to solve issues in higher education. I commend the hard work of ACTA."

Larry Hogan
Governor, State of Maryland

Protecting Students and Taxpayers

Read how policymakers can reform the higher education quality assurance process to protect students and taxpayers, preserve university and college independence and autonomy, and allow innovation in post-secondary education that will retain America's leadership.

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ACTA Publication Indicates Colleges Fail To Prepare Students

Students are often told that they must go to college. They are told that higher education is the key to their future and that they will not be able to make it very far...


“Our very best wishes for ACTA’s continued success. We are in desperate need of educated citizens if as a country we are to survive.”

Barbara and Irving Cohen

  • General Education

    How well-rounded do you require students to become?

    September 29, 2020

    Some 365 colleges and universities earned an “A” or a “B” for requiring a well-rounded course of study for their students, an annual report finds. Just 23 schools got an “A” for requiring students to take courses in six of the following seven subjects: composition, literature, foreign language, U.S. government or history, economics, math and […]

  • General Education

    We need civics education—not the White power propaganda Trump promotes

    September 21, 2020

    Americans are, as I’ve noted before, appallingly ignorant of their own history and institutions. The American Council of Trustees and Alumni found in a survey of college graduates that less than 20 percent could accurately identify in a multiple-choice survey the effect of the Emancipation Proclamation. One-third did not know that Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the New Deal, and nearly […]

  • Trusteeship

    Questions about Liberty University Turn to Falwell’s Contract, Trustees’ Oversight

    September 2, 2020

    The executive committee of Liberty University’s board of trustees announced Monday that it’s hiring a forensics firm to investigate “all facets” of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s tenure as the school’s president. Critics had pointed to Falwell’s erratic behavior, public statements, and questionable business for years. But it took salacious personal scandals to force Liberty University’s board finally to […]

  • General Education

    The Challenge of Anti-Racism Education

    The shock of seeing so many Black people killed this summer in brutal police actions has seared the conscience of the nation. The memory of the 2015 murder of nine African Americans at a Bible study in Charleston, S.C., by an unrepentant white supremacist needs to weigh on America as a grim warning of the […]

  • How Colleges Spend Money

    Two out of three college students now graduate with an average of over $28,000 in student debt, and the price of tuition continues to rise at an unsustainable rate, faster even than health care. So how do colleges spend that money?

  • What Will They Learn?®

    The goal of ACTA's What Will They Learn?® project is to encourage colleges and universities to strengthen their general education programs—so that students graduate better prepared for the workforce, ready to participate in their communities as responsible citizens, and acquainted with our cultural and intellectual inheritance.

  • FAR: Fund for Academic Renewal

    Intentional, directed giving has the power to renew our colleges and universities. ACTA's Fund for Academic Renewal serves donors who want to make transformative gifts to higher education, gifts that help institutions live up to their highest ideals. FAR guides donors and their advisors through every step in the gift-making process.

  • 93

    Colleges and universities have investigated their spending practices due to ACTA’s work. Visit our site,

  • 73

    Institutions have adopted the Chicago Principles on Freedom of Expression due to ACTA’s outreach.

  • 240

    Colleges and universities have improved their core curriculum requirements based on ACTA’s annual What Will They Learn?® initiative.


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