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Civic Literacy

Losing America’s Memory 2.0

July 8, 2024

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No U.S. History?

ACTA’s report, “No U.S. History? How College History Departments Leave the United States out of the Major,” found that 18 of the top 25 public universities did not have a wide-ranging American history requirement for students seeking a B.A. in history in the major or core curriculum.

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ACTA Gold Standard for Freedom of Expression

ACTA now provides a blueprint to help higher education regain and live by this core principle. The ACTA Gold Standard for Freedom of Expression™ provides clear guidance for institutions to create a culture of free thought on their campuses.

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Governance for a New Era

Governance for a New Era is a blueprint for higher education governance. Signatories to the statement, a diverse group of 22 distinguished national leaders dedicated to ensuring America’s colleges and universities shed 20th century thinking and successfully meet 21st century challenges.

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institutions have been counseled by ACTA on matters of cost effectiveness, financial governance, and institutional spending. See ACTA’s one-of-a-kind higher education financial analysis tool:


institutions representing over three million students, encouraged by ACTA, reaffirmed their commitment to free speech on campus by adopting the Chicago Principles on Freedom of Expression.


institutions have improved their core curriculum requirements based on ACTA’s annual What Will They Learn?® initiative. Visit


students from 100+ Institutions have engaged in 250+ civil discourse debates through ACTA’s college debates program partnership with Braver Angels and Bridge USA.


news outlets reaching 1.4 billion readers have covered ACTA’s nationwide impact on academic excellence, academic freedom, and accountability in higher education.


million dollars in gifts to higher education have been guided through ACTA’s Fund for Academic Renewal. Visit


Launched in 1995, we are the only organization that works with alumni, donors, trustees, and education leaders across the United States to support liberal arts education, uphold high academic standards, safeguard the free exchange of ideas on campus, and ensure that the next generation receives an intellectually rich, high-quality college education at an affordable price.

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