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Choosing which college or university to attend is a momentous decision. Yet so many college-bound students focus solely on prestige, reputation, and student perks in making their choice. Too few consider the academic offerings and educational environment that can help students flourish intellectually. ACTA’s resources provide insights on how to distinguish which colleges and universities foster rigorous study of the liberal arts and a campus culture that promotes academic freedom. These resources help students and parents make informed choices about where to direct their tuition dollars.

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What Will They Learn?—A Guide to What College Rankings Don't Tell You

In this guide for students and parents, ACTA does not consider a school’s prestige or wealth or reputation. Rather, ACTA asks the crucial questions: What are all undergraduate students at a given school required to study in order to earn a diploma? How will that institution’s faculty and administration guide a young person to acquire the fundamental tools for success in career and community life? This survey of core requirements at over 1,100 colleges and universities provides the answers.
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On Academic Excellence

Preparing Students for Rewarding Careers

Recent studies have shown that many students, even graduates of elite institutions, fail to improve their critical thinking abilities while in college—the skill employers rank as their top priority. With the average person changing jobs as many as 11 times during his or her first decades of employment, students need to know which colleges require a liberal arts education that prepares them for the 21st century workforce. grades over 1,100 institutions on an “A” through “F” scale based on the core requirements all undergraduate students must complete. The website also provides information on graduation and tuition rates, a school’s commitment to free expression on campus, and what employers are saying about the importance of the liberal arts. You can even test yourself on your knowledge of American history.

Preparing Students for Informed Citizenship

In 2019, ACTA commissioned a survey of civic knowledge. The results were stunning, but perhaps not surprising given that only 18% of colleges require students to take foundational courses in U.S. government or history. According to the survey, 18% of respondents chose Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the author of the New Deal, and over 60% could not identify the term lengths for members of Congress. ACTA tirelessly advocates for strengthening civic education at our nation’s colleges and universities. Our latest publication, 10 Things Everyone Should Know About American History by distinguished history professor Allen Guelzo, takes readers through pivotal moments in American history and illustrates the contemporary importance of our past.

On Academic Freedom

Despite falling standards at many institutions, excellent campus programs exist that promote rigorous academic study, liberal arts curricula, and engagement with a broad range of viewpoints and perspectives. ACTA designates these programs as Oases of Excellence, which introduce students to the best of the foundational arts and sciences, teach American heritage, and ensure free inquiry into a range of intellectual viewpoints.

In an age of increasing polarization, students must learn how to engage in civil, informed, and constructive discourse on controversial topics. Through a partnership with Braver Angels, ACTA helps student groups across the country host on-campus debates that teach students to strengthen their own arguments and respectfully listen to opposing viewpoints.

On Accountability

College students need a campus culture where the mind and character can grow, but at too many institutions, substance use threatens student safety and development. ACTA’s 2019 report, Addressing College Drinking and Drug Use, explores how alcohol and drug use can affect student achievement and calls for collaborative action by college presidents and trustees to address the problem and help students maximize their potential.

Asking the Right Questions

ACTA arms students and parents with the resources they need to ask the right questions in the search for the right college. For students: see 10 Questions to Ask on a Campus Visit. For parentsWhat’s a Parent to Do? helps you ask the necessary questions and evaluate the answers.


ACTA Celebrates Two New Oases of Excellence At the United States Military Academy At West Point and Arizona State University

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) is delighted to welcome the American Foundations minor at the United States Military Academy at West...

May 20, 2024
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