Council of Scholars

George E. Andrews
Evan Pugh Professor of Mathematics
Pennsylvania State University

Mark Bauerlein
Emeritus Professor of English
Emory University

Marc Zvi Brettler
Bernice and Morton Lerner Distinguished
Professor of Judaic Studies
Duke University

William Cook
Emeritus Distinguished Teaching Professor
and Emeritus Professor of History

Paul Davies
Professor of Philosophy
College of William & Mary

David C. Doughty, Jr.
Professor of Physics and Provost
Christopher Newport University

William Fagan
Professor and Chair of Biology
University of Maryland

Niall Ferguson
Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Stanford University
Senior Fellow, Center for European Studies
Harvard University

Sidney L. Gulick III
Professor of Mathematics
University of Maryland

Joshua Katz
ACTA Scholar-in-Residence
Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Robert “KC” Johnson
Professor of History
City University of New York–Brooklyn College

Anatoly M. Khazanov
Ernest Gellner Professor of Anthropology Emeritus
University of Wisconsin
Fellow, British Academy

Alan Charles Kors
Henry Charles Lea Professor of History
University of Pennsylvania

Jon D. Levenson
Albert A. List Professor of Jewish Studies
Harvard Divinity School

Molly Levine
Professor of Classics
Howard University

George R. Lucas, Jr.
Senior Fellow, Stockdale Center for
Ethical Leadership
United States Naval Academy

Joyce Lee Malcolm
Patrick Henry Professor of Constitutional Law
and the Second Amendment
George Mason University
Fellow, Royal Historical Society

Matthew A. Malkan
Professor of Astrophysics
University of California–Los Angeles

Michael Podgursky
Chancellor’s Professor of Economics
University of Missouri

James A. Sellers
Professor and Associate Head for
Undergraduate Mathematics
Pennsylvania State University


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