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ACTA Announces Adams Center for Entrepreneurship at Florida Atlantic University as Oasis of Excellence

October 23, 2019 by ACTA

Washington, DC – In 2014, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) began honoring outstanding programs at colleges and universities across the country that prepare students for citizenship and an ever-evolving workforce. The Oases of Excellence project includes over 60 programs at a wide range of institutions and serves as a valuable resource for alumni and donors committed to supporting a well-rounded, traditional liberal arts education. Today, we are pleased to announce that Florida Atlantic University’s Adams Center for Entrepreneurship has joined this prestigious group.

The Adams Center counters traditional business programs, providing students with a “unique academic experience by fostering revolutionary intellectual growth beyond conventional wisdom in the pursuit and creation of sustainable solutions to business and social problems.” The center seeks to educate students for productive careers and citizenship by focusing on three program areas: cross-disciplinary academics, community outreach, and venture creation from emerging technologies.

Professor Roland Kidwell, director of the Adams Center, remarked, “We are delighted to have this ACTA recognition for the key role that the Adams Center plays in educating students across all disciplines who are interested in pursuing entrepreneurship through our academic programs, mentoring, business plan competitions, and community outreach. Our center helps budding entrepreneurs take a kernel of an idea for a new venture, develop, polish, and grow it, launch and house a start-up, and find venture funding—all on campus.”

“We have tremendous respect and admiration for ACTA’s efforts to connect students with leading centers across college campuses,” said Dean Dan Gropper of Florida Atlantic’s College of Business. “We are particularly pleased with this recognition of our efforts to create opportunities for our students and faculty, and enhance students’ upward mobility and realization of the American Dream through entrepreneurial activity.”

ACTA is proud to partner with a program that provides future private and public leaders with the essential understanding of political and civic thought necessary to secure the health of constitutional government for generations to come.


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