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ACTA Recognizes Bucknell University’s Program for American Leadership and Citizenship as Oasis of Excellence

March 25, 2021 by ACTA

Washington, DC – Bucknell University’s Program for American Leadership and Citizenship (BPALC) has been named an Oasis of Excellence for its commitment to rigorous liberal arts education and open dialogue.

In 2014, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) began recognizing outstanding programs at colleges and universities across the country dedicated to the study of American history and politics, the Great Books, and public leadership. The Oases of Excellence project has grown to include over 70 programs at a wide range of institutions. The network is a forum for sharing ideas and best practices on how to run an independent liberal arts program as well as a valuable resource for donors who are committed to supporting academic excellence.

Reasoned debate, the free exchange of ideas, and the promotion of viewpoint diversity are hallmarks of a great university. By exposing students to new ideas and encouraging “thoughtful and civil dialogue, dissent, and intellectual nonconformity,” BPALC has created a place for students to explore fundamental questions of truth, justice, and morality. Bold engagement with these ideas has always been the best way to cultivate the habits of reasoned deliberation necessary for informed civic leadership.

“We are grateful for the growing network of centers and programs around the country emphasizing the need for informed dialogue and civil disagreement as part of excellence in higher education, and we appreciate engaging with that network through ACTA’s recognition,” BPALC faculty said in a statement.

ACTA is proud to recognize BPALC for excellence in liberal arts education and its faculty for their tireless efforts to prepare students for the challenges of career, community, and citizenship.

“This kind of rigorous study will equip students to safeguard our freedoms and democracy,” said Michael Poliakoff, president of ACTA. “In an age too often sadly defined by apathy, ignorance, and repressive cancel culture, initiatives like the Bucknell Program for American Leadership and Citizenship ensure that students who enter America’s higher education system can grow into the informed citizens and successful leaders that our nation needs.”

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