ACTA’s president Michael Poliakoff has a bracing conversation with Ed Yingling, a co-founder of the Alumni Free Speech Alliance (AFSA)—a new consortium of alumni groups dedicated to preserving free speech on their college campuses. Yingling and ACTA Board member Stuart Taylor, also co-founders of Princetonians for Free Speech, launched the project with an explosive op ed in the Wall Street Journal on October 18, 2021.

The piece, Alumni Unite For Freedom Of Speech: Many Left-of-Center Professors Now Realize That They Too Can Be Brutally Canceled by the Mobprompted a flood of inquiries from alumni of more than 60 colleges and universities, all seeking guidance on how to recruit and organize alumni from their respective alma maters as bulwarks against the creeping illiberalism and cancel culture gripping college campuses.  Yingling describes what inspired him to take action, provides a start-up plan for alumni to stand up new groups and link up with others in the expanding alumni free speech movement, and previews exciting developments at AFSA in 2022.


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