Shortly before they teamed up to to launch a Braver Angels student debate on the campus of Duke University, ACTA’s Doug Sprei interviewed Deondra Rose, Duke’s Associate Professor of Public Policy, Political Science, and History. As the Director of Polis: Center for Politics, Professor Rose leads research into higher education policy, American Political Development, political behavior, identity politics, and inequality. She is a dynamic scholar, author, and educator who commands the admiration of students, faculty, and staff leadership across Duke University and beyond into American higher ed. “One of the things I spend a lot of time thinking about,” she says, “is what are we doing with this tremendous opportunity to engage with people who are at formative moments in their personal development, in their social development, in their political development, and relatedly, in their development as citizens?”


View or download the TRANSCRIPT of this podcast here.

Duke University student debaters with Professor Deondra Rose and Doug Sprei of ACTA and Braver Angels.
Professor Rose opens up the Duke University debate.
Promotional flyer for the Duke University Braver Angels debate.

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