Higher Ed Now producer Doug Sprei teamed up with Jack Golden, an ACTA summer intern and rising senior at Hillsdale College, to interview Greg Jackson, professor at Utah Valley University and producer of History That Doesn’t Suck, one of the nation’s most compelling history podcasts. Professor Jackson’s podcast combines rigorous research with virtuoso production values and a dynamic approach to storytelling. With over 100 episodes available, History That Doesn’t Suckhas reinvented the genre and built a loyal audience of hundreds of thousands of listeners.

“We need to understand who our nation is,” says Professor Jackson. “What are our principles? How does our government function? How on earth can you make good selections as to who you’re going to put into positions if you don’t even understand what the position really is, how it’s evolved, what it does? I think history is crucial to understanding all of that, and I wanted to present it in a very nonpartisan way.”

Download a transcript of the podcast HERE.


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