Here we go with the first round of questioning in today’s ACTA Pop Quiz. And don’t forget to phrase your answers in the form of a question, contestants.

Which well-known television game show recently earned ACTA’s accolades by highlighting the ever-rising cost of college tuition in the United States? Was it:

Question 1

Jeopardy Question

Question 2

Jeopardy Question

Question 3

Jeopardy Question

Question 4

Jeopardy Question

Question 5

Jeopardy Question


So… how do you think you did?

The correct answers, in order of the questions, are:

Question 1: What is Purdue?

Question 2: What is Rice

Question 3: What is Duke?

Question 4:  What is Notre Dame?

Question 5: What is the University of California–Berkeley?

Thank you, Jeopardy, for using the episode to highlight an issue that is no minor matter to the many Americans who increasingly find themselves priced out of a college education and paying more and more for a degree that often means less and less in the job market.

You should not have to be a Jeopardy champion to afford the cost of higher education, nor should seeking a degree put anyone in financial jeopardy. While one game show episode is not enough to motivate overpriced schools to tackle the tuition crisis, we hope it serves as another check on the conscience of school administrators who refuse to slash overhead, cut costs, and deliver more bang for the tuition buck.

Check out ACTA’s website,, for a deeper dive into the college spending crisis.  


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