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The Wars Against Ukraine and Israel and the Duty of the Jewish People by Bernard-Henri Lévy

Address Delivered at the Levy Forum for Open Discourse Speaker Series
April 22, 2024 by Bernard-Henri Lévy

The Levy Forum is a speaker series hosted at the Palm Beach Synagogue, sponsored by ACTA board member Paul Levy and ACTA. The goal of these events is to promote the epistemic virtues that ACTA seeks to promote on university campuses across the country, such as curiosity, objectivity, and wisdom. The Levy Forum is dedicated to exploring the most urgent social and political topics of our times in a spirit of fearless inquiry.

Mr. Bernard-Henri Lévy is a French philosopher, novelist, filmmaker, and playwright. For 50 years, he has covered the world’s “forgotten wars,” both independently and on behalf of the French government. He is the creator of many renowned documentaries, including three films on the war in Ukraine: Why Ukraine, Slava Ukraini, and Glory to the Heroes, the last of which will be released in December. In November 2023, he is on the front lines in Gaza and has rallied the West to support Israel’s struggle against terrorism.


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