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A Debate About R.O.T.C. on Campus

NEW YORK TIMES   |  October 31, 2010 by Letter to the Editor: Anne D. Neal

To the Editor:

It’s no myth; the R.O.T.C. has been de facto banned for years. Trustees have invoked “the military,” Congressional rules and faculty opposition for decades to avoid their obligation to formally recognize the R.O.T.C.

It’s time to acknowledge the R.O.T.C. as an important student opportunity for national service.

The next step is to call upon faculty to develop intellectually rigorous classes in military engineering, ethics, history and science—classes that are so good they will merit both university and R.O.T.C. credit. It’s no myth that most of our colleges and universities have all but eliminated the opportunity to study military history and science at all.

Isn’t it time for the nation’s elite students to learn about these critical subjects and, if they choose, prepare to defend our country in future conflicts?


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