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Campus Intellectual Diversity Debated

KOMU, MISSOURI   |  February 27, 2007

Students report being pressured into particular political views by professors on Missouri campuses.

“I think there’s good sides on both parts of the spectrum so just meeting in the middle somewhere in my opinion is the best way,” said Pat Jackson, MU student.

While most students speak their minds freely, some Missouri college students say they’re being pressured into particular views. By their professors.

“Many of them said ‘I am Christian and I can support this advocacy project why can’t you?” said Emily Brooker, 2006 graduate of MSU.

Brooker had a class project to advocate for homosexuals’ ability to adopt or foster children. She did not agree.

“He told me it would affect my grade in some way but he wasn’t sure how,” said Brooker.

At the capital, Republican Rep. Jane Cunningham presented the Emily Brooker Intellectual Diversity Act.  The act is encouraging college campuses to take steps like conducting a study on current intellectual diversity and better promoting a variety of panels and speakers on boards.

One opponent of the act worried about censorship if this act is passes.

“It would inhibit not promote the free exchange of ideas,” said Frank Schmidt, MU professor.

While Cunningham wants universities to walk the tolerance talk, it seems the marketplace of ideas needs to find common ground.


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