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Dr. Amna Khalid: Associate Professor of History at Carleton College

April 10, 2023 by Amna Khalid

Professor Khalid specializes in modern South Asian history and the history of medicine and is also one of the nation’s foremost advocates of academic freedom and campus free speech. Having grown up in Pakistan under a series of military dictatorships, she has long harbored a strong interest in issues relating to censorship and free expression. She speaks frequently on academic freedom, free speech, and campus politics at colleges and universities, and professional conferences. She has published some very significant and widely-read pieces on bias reporting systems, trigger warnings, and the trouble with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (or DEI) training in college settings. Professor Khalid also hosts a podcast and accompanying blog called Banished, which explores censorship in the past and present. She was also a guest on our podcast , which you can listen to by clicking this link here.


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