In this episode, ACTA’s Gabrielle Anglin and Steve McGuire interview Jered Cooper, a rising senior at the University of Virginia. Mr. Cooper is majoring in government at UVA and carries a strong passion for understanding the inner workings of politics and public policy. His love for American history has been a driving force throughout his academic journey, as he finds solace and inspiration in exploring the narratives of the past. He is a writer for the Virginia Undergraduate Law Review and a member of the new organization Middle Grounds, a discussion-based group that seeks to build consensus and understanding in regard to political issues. Committed to his studies, he aspires to pursue a law degree following graduation to help make a meaningful impact in the realm of politics and public service. A gifted speaker and thinker, Jered Cooper recently won the second annual UVA Oratory competition with his speech titled “A Remedy to Save America.” 

Download a transcript of the podcast HERE.
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