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Prepared in Mind and Resources?

A Report on Public Higher Education in South Carolina
October 1, 2011 by ACTA Download PDF

This report focuses on three key aspects of public higher education in the state of South Carolina: cost and effectiveness, general education requirements, and governance structures. First, we gauge cost and effectiveness by asking how much families are paying to attend schools, how the schools are using that money, and what are students getting in return. We then examine general education in South Carolina-—those courses usually completed within the first two years of a bachelor’s degree program to ensure a common intellectual background, as well as college-level skills critical to success in the workforce. Finally, we turn our attention to governance structures as seen through actions taken by the state’s Commission on Higher Education and by institutional boards of trustees. ACTA’s hope is that this report will be an urgent call to action-—to help the citizens and policymakers of South Carolina strengthen the states public higher education system and demonstrate leadership in being “Prepared in Mind and Resources.”


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