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Higher Ed Watchdog Criticizes Colby-Sawyer College’s Decision to Cut English and Philosophy Majors

Eliminating core liberal arts instruction is no way to prepare students for careers
January 18, 2017 by ACTA

WASHINGTON, DC—The American Council of Trustees and Alumni—a higher education reform organization which has long advocated for high academic standards and rigorous core requirements at America’s colleges and universities—released a statement criticizing Colby-Sawyer College’s decision to eliminate totally the philosophy and English majors from its academic program. Dr. Michael B. Poliakoff, president of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, released the following statement addressing the issue:

“Simply put, Colby-Sawyer College’s decision to minimize these core humanities subjects is short-sighted. The administration cited a desire to improve career preparation, but at a time when employers consistently rate writing and communication as crucial career skills, eliminating English and philosophy as majors seems to reflect poor judgment. There is no better career preparation than a solid, rigorous liberal arts education, and in today’s modern era of technology, colleges can use consortial approaches to innovate the liberal arts model and keep these essential subjects alive even as enrollments fluctuate and downsizing becomes a necessity. Faculty and college leaders should reverse course on this decision before it has the chance to spoil and shortchange the educational experience of future classes of Colby-Sawyer students.”



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