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On This Date In Campus Freedom: The Wall Street Journal Published A Call to Arms for Alumni Dedicated to Free Expression on Campus

October 17, 2023 by ACTA

On October 17, 2021, Princeton University alumni Stuart Taylor, Jr., and Edward Yingling published a call to arms in the Wall Street Journal, decrying the illiberal intolerance gripping academia and heralding the rise of a grassroots alumni movement aimed at restoring free speech and academic freedom on American college campuses. Their article, titled “Alumni Unite For Freedom Of Speech,” sounded the alarm about the censorship and indoctrination engulfing higher education and put cloistered faculty and administrators on notice that alumni are no longer content to be passive bystanders or automatic cash dispensers. The piece was the catalyst for the establishment of the Alumni Free Speech Alliance, an organization that is inspiring alumni nationwide to force a reckoning at their alma maters.


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