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What Will They Learn? 2012-13

A Survey of Core Requirements at Our Nation's Colleges and Universities
October 9, 2012 by ACTA Download PDF Press Release

ACTA releases What Will They Learn? 2012-13, the fourth edition, evaluating the general education requirements at 1,070 colleges and universities. Unlike other college rankings, ACTA does not consider an institution’s wealth, prestige, or popularity. Rather, ACTA rates institutions on what core of courses all students in a school’s B.A. and B.S. degree programs are required to take. The report and the companion website,, detail whether each school requires literature, U.S. government or history, foreign language, mathematics, economics, science, and composition. ACTA assigns each school a letter grade, and notes explain the grades assigned and noteworthy programs within schools. What Will They Learn? strives to answer the first question that parents, guidance counselors, and trustees should ask about high school graduates going to college: what will they learn?


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