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American Council of Trustees and Alumni’s Dr. Bradley Jackson Testifies in Favor of the NC REACH Act

March 2, 2023

On March 2, 2023, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni’s (ACTA) Vice President of Policy, Bradley Jackson, testified before the North Carolina House of Representatives’ Education Committee in favor of House Bill 96, titled the North Carolina REACH Act. The bill would “require at least three credit hours of instruction in American Government in order to graduate from a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina with a baccalaureate degree or a community college with an associate degree.”

House Bill 96’s primary co-sponsors are Representatives Keith Kidwell, Jon Hardister, and Ray Pickett. The bill was approved by the House Education Committee–Universities and will now move to the House Education Committee–Community Colleges.

Since its establishment in 1995, ACTA has worked to provide all college and university students with a rich education in American civics, history, government, and the Founding documents. The REACH Act models itself after a very successful bill of the same name enacted in South Carolina in 2021. Dr. Jackson remarked, “This act, were it to be passed into law, would set a reasonable floor for civic education at North Carolina’s public colleges and universities, ensuring that all students receive at least introductory instruction in the principles of American democracy and the history of our republic.”

Dr. Jackson’s complete statement can be read here.

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